Christian Cox

I worked along side with Tanya on multiple projects and she is a pleasure to work with! She is communicative, helpful, courteous and brings a wide range of creative skills to the table. She searches to solve any issues herself and make sure goals are met on time and above standard quality. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has the opportunity to work with her.

Shawn Dibble

Tanya is creative and highly intelligent. She understands her skill set as well as those of her peers (including their limitations). She is capable of generating beautiful graphics and textual data that promotes the client’s needs.

John Race

Tanya had the unenviable task of taking over management of all content creation when our former lead left after 5 years. The deep end of the pool is not an adequate metaphor for all of the responsibilities she had to pick up on a product that was updated monthly. In addition to being a terrific designer and production artist, she had to become a UIX expert, master our pretty unique art pipeline, and as we scaled she had to build and train and manage a network of contractors and coordinate and review deliveries coming in every month. Suffice it to say that we never missed a date. She has a rare balance of departmental management skills, hands on production and a great eye for design. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Cait Campbell

Tanya is a talented and friendly artist with impeccable attention to detail. She is not only creative but is also great at picking up different software, getting things done well fast, and works wonderfully with a variety of people in different settings. I’d love the chance to work with her again!

Michelle Del Rosario

Tanya is an awesome artist to work with. She is extremely organized and knowledgeable in many regards. She is very clear when explaining what she wants, yet remains flexible as to how to get there. Overall, Tanya is talented and really fun to work with.

Sandra Alex

Tanya is a delight to work with. She is malleable in her approach and will work with the client to produce excellent results. Tanya is knowledgeable in several Adobe Creative Suite products, including After Effects, and other 3D products.

Andrew Duncan

Tanya is an enthusiastic, hard-working and talented artist and designer. We’ve worked closely together on a daily basis for the past couple of years and she has been an integral part of our team from the first day.

In addition to being an experienced, quick and flexible designer, she is an excellent manager of others. Tanya oversees a whole crew of other artists and graphic designers in a way that is always organized, efficient and usually at least one step ahead of our next milestone. I can easily recommend Tanya as an excellent addition to any team.